What Is #BecomingFilipino?

#BecomingFilipino is an adventure. It is the journey of a 27 year old Canadian trying to “Become Filipino”. Simply put, I am not Filipino. I don’t have a Filipino passport and it would be almost impossible for me to get one. Truth is I will never be able to say “I am Filipino” (and never deserve/would have the right to). But there are so many simple beautiful things that I have experienced and witnessed that make up Filipino culture… Things that I would be honoured to learn from, and be honoured to share with the world around me.

I love the Philippines and would be honored to be able to call myself “part Filipino.”

I am asking for help. I need help creating a list, but not just any list… a list that will help me in #BecomingFilipino. I need to experience Filipino things. I need to better understand the People, Environment, Food and Culture. I need to better understand what it means to be Filipino. What it takes to be able to have those simple beautiful things that make up the heart of a Filipino. I have decided to make lists… The lists will be focused on those four things… and well anything that will help me learn from this culture and these people that have inspired so much happiness in my life.

Super Apir!

What makes you proud to be Filipino :)… Share it! :)

The People

​”It is the people that make a place beautiful”. I remember the first time I went to the Philippines in January 2013. Never had I ever experienced so much happiness and kindess. I was constantly bumping into to smiling faces, regardelss where I went! What makes Filipino’s smile? What makes Filipino’s the happy, caring, friendly, kind and giving people they are? I need to incorperate things into my list that will teach me this. I need to learn more about Filipino culture!

The Environment

Beaches, mountains, rivers, lakes, jungles, volcanoes, islands, coconuts… I could go on and on about the Philippines and its natural beauty. I have barely even scratched the surface when it comes to experiencing and seeing the beauty of the Philippines natural environment! I need to experience more of its natural beauty! I need to incorperate things into my list that will give me an appreciation for its beautiful environment.

The Food & Drink

Where do I begin! The bbq, the fish, the pulutan’s… There are soo many different dishes to experience, and soo many cultural specialities that make Filipino cooking an absolute pleasure for your tastebuds. The thing is… I am pretty much useless when it comes to understanding it!  I need to be able to not only understand the food and drink, but I am going to need to know how to prepare it! It is time to show and experience as much Filipino food as I can!  Wahoo!   I need to have some fun Tagay’s as well!

The History

Simply put.  I need to learn some history.  History helps you appreciate a place, and I have very little to no knowledge of Filipino history.  I need to incorporate things into my list that will give me a greater appreciation for the Philippines and teach me about its past!