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Ten Reasons You Will Feel Young Again In The Philippines

1 – Baths Will Actually Be Fun Again You get to throw buckets of water on yourself… Literally! The tabo (a small pale with handle) is a big part of Filipino culture and acts as a cleansing device here in the Philippines. I remember how I used to love splashing around in the bath when […]

How Love Hurts Me In The Philippines

Okay I am scared. I am writing this because it’s important to me… Love Hurts Me In The Philippines. It is a crazy feeling, “love”. I don’t know if I have fully understood it, or ever will. But I do know one thing – I have been in love. In fact I am in love […]

Happy Independence Day Philippines

Sitting here in the Philippines on Independence Day. You wouldn’t believe how weird this feels. 

Yes you read that correctly:

 “How weird this feels.”
 You know, I am scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed, and what do I see? I see a lot of “Happy Independence Day” posts. I see pictures being shared related to the […]

Teachers, Students and Inspiration In The Philippines

“Ahhh man!! I have to get up to go to school!  Seriously!?  Ughhh I wish it was the weekend!  This sucks!” Yup, I have to be honest.  Growing up in Canada and going through 13 years of public schooling, I definitely had my fair share of moments like stated above.  Moments where I was annoyed with […]

Filipino Media – My Fear That Turned Into Admiration

As I sit down to type this I am shaking… I am shaking because I know as soon as you mention “Media” here in the Philippines a lot of Filipinos will throw up negativity, anger, fear, and bad vibes. I will never forget the first time media approached me here in the Philippines. I was […]

Mindanao – Time To Talk About It

It didn’t take long. Within hours of an article being posted by a National Newspaper in New Zealand about a beauty queen (http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/74332702/kiwi-beauty-pageant-contestant-flees-philippines), Cagayan de Oro and Mindanao became a national talking point in the Philippines. Articles with most major national news sites and Facebook pages in the Philippines popped up pretty quick, discussing and […]

What I Learned From #ALDUB

If you have been following my #BecomingFilipino adventure, you will know that Facebook has always been my main source of using social media.  From time to time I use twitter and scroll my newsfeed, but it has never really been a platform I have picked up on.  But, recently the Philippines and Twitter have been picking […]

Why I Live in Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao

If you have been following my life in the Philippines you will know that I live in a city in Northern Mindanao called Cagayan de Oro.  Sitting right in the middle of the north coast of Mindanao, Cagayan de Oro really is a gateway to everything the second largest island in the Philippines has to offer. […]

25 Things I Never Did Until I Lived In The Philippines

I made a small list a long time ago of things I only started to do or experience after living in the Philippines.  That list was short, and it is time to share with you a more updated version   Here are 25 things I never did until I lived in the Philippines… 1 – Jumped […]

12 Styles of Transport in the Philippines you Haven’t Tried

The Philippines is an incredibly diverse country!  As you travel around from province to province, or even town to town, you will soon realize there are little variations of everything.  Food will be cooked a different way, buildings will look a little different, the language will change, and festivals will be unique! Even though Filipinos across […]

Why I Think Davao City Can Be A Positive Place For Filipinos To Visit

There are lots of reasons for the people in Davao City to be proud. They are home to the majestic Philippine Eagle, they are surrounded by nature and beauty, they have ridiculous amounts of amazing fruits that are incredibly cheap, and they are the masters of “budots”…   I could go on and on.   […]

Three Stories Of Filipinos We Can All Learn From

1- Education Across Open Oceans   I definitely think that sometimes we are so easily persuaded to complain, get angry, or get frustrated when it comes to our commutes in life. Too much traffic, delayed buses, having to wait…   It can be so easy to complain, and get angry.   But whenever I find […]

Why I Can’t Join You’re my Foreignoy with GMA7

Go on TV, share my love for Filipino culture, and possibly win a lot of money! At any other point in my life if I had the chance to do something like that…   Sign Me Up!   I have had hundreds of messages this month from people:   “Kulas join you’re my foreignoy with […]

Five Unique Adventures You Can Have In The Philippines

Having been to 24 provinces now, and driven my scooter 15,000 kilometres around the Philippines, I have definitely had a few unique adventures.  The Philippines is incredibly unique!  I love how city to city, province to province you will find different variations of food, drink, history, climate and culture!  Of course because of this… you […]

How I Got My Filipino Nickname – Kulas

I have received a lot of questions about it:   “Why do you call yourself Kulas?!”   “How did you get your name?!”   “Why is there a Canadian guy calling himself by a Filipino name!?”     I have even received a few negative statements about it:   “I think it is offensive and […]

Five Things I Learned Living With Filipino Families

Before I write anything I just want to say something… Mom, Dad, Amy (my sister), and Cory (my brother) who are all in Canada, I just want to let you know how much I love you guys! I am so blessed to be able to call you family, and really look forward to the next […]

Peace, Happiness and Harmony in Southern Mindanao – Balut Island

You know those moments in your life when you witness something, when you experience something, and when you just have to share something to the world around you. Well I had one of those moments last week. But it wasn’t just a moment… it was a moment that lasted three days on a little island […]

Little Baguio in Mindanao – Bukidnon to Davao Road

People have always told me:   “Kulas you MUST go to Baguio!  You have to experience the cool climate, beautiful forests and of course the delicious strawberries!”   Well I can assure you that I most definitely will go to Baguio in the future!  It sounds absolutely amazing, and I am sure will be a […]

Stories That Will Make You Smile #4 – The Jeepney Driver in Manila

Being in the Philippines for more then a year of my life I have begun to realize something…   Filipinos really value family.   Families work incredibly hard to support one and other in the Philippines!  I have witnessed and shared so many beautiful moments with Filipino families over my time here. I have also […]

Sarangani Islands – 25 Photos of Paradise in the Philippines

In the future I am going to write a blog post about paradise I found in peaceful South Eastern Mindanao.  I randomly made the decision to go to Sarangani Islands… literally the southeastern tip of the Philippines! How south are you!?  You can take a 3 hour boat and next thing you know… Indonesia! WOW!!! […]

Please Stop Hurting Mindanao… Please Come Here.

I shouldn’t even be writing this. This discussion shouldn’t exist. But I have to do this. I have to take a stand, and I have to educate.   I am hurt.   I am personally hurt at the way Filipinos view my home. I am personally offended at the way Filipinos talk about my home. I […]

Five Interesting Things I Have Noticed About Filipinos

1) Take Transport as Often and Cheap as Possible During the Day   I used to walk everywhere I went in the Philippines. I really loved just strolling around, people watching, and taking in all the different sights and sounds! Well after a while I started to notice a few things… – I would usually […]

15 Filipino Foods I Bet You Haven’t Tried in the Philippines!

1) Wasabi Flavoured Sylvanas Like a creamy, buttery, cookie sandwich… Sylvanas are a delicious Filipino dessert!  You can find them in lots of different areas of the country.  Best served cold, they are usually covered with crumbs of cashews or different flavours! Yes… Even Wasabi Flavoured!! I found these in Cebu, Visayas! 2) Landang Have […]

Why I Get Scared of Dating a Filipina Right Now

I have spent more than a year of my life in the Philippines! Over the course of that time I have grown to love this culture, love this country, and love to call the Philippines my home.   But! I have also come to realize something. I have come to realize that I am in a […]

Stories That Will Make You Smile #3 – Uncle Edgar and His Halo-Halo

I was headed to Siquijor a place in Central Visayas also known as “Isla Del Fuego” or “Island of Fire”. This island has a very unique reputation for being a “mysterious place”; many people when they hear the word “Siquijor” in the Philippines will talk about witchcraft, healings and all sorts of mysterious things. Well […]

Five Free Experiences that are Priceless in the Philippines

I remember the first few times I came and went from the Philippines. From scuba diving, to exploring waterfalls, to the beaches, to eating and drinking A LOT! I was having a blast spending my money… as anyone should! But over the course of my past year and being on this “Becoming Filipino” journey I […]

Four Filipino Cultural Traits That Inspire My Life

1) Blessing I will never forget the first time I was blessed. Walking into my friend Nino’s house in Liloan, Cebu back in 2013.  I was greeted by his 7 year old son Anton.  I was approached, and my hand was taken and placed against his forehead.  At first I didn’t know what to think! […]

Stories That Will Make You Smile #1 – The Tablea Breakdown

Look left… Pineapples!  Look Right… Pineapples!  It was early morning and I found myself driving through row after row of pineapple fields.    I was in Manolo Fortich, a quiet town that acts as the gateway into Bukidnon, a beautiful province in here in Region 10. I had already taken Cindy (the name of my scooter) […]

Four Reasons You Have To Come to Northern Mindanao, Region 10

I just spent the last few months adventuring around Northern Mindanao an area found in the Southern Philippines.  Known as “Region 10”, this area is made up of 5 provinces:  Camiguin, Misamis Oriental, Bukidnon, Lanao Del Norte and Misamis Occidental.   Home to more than 4 Million people there is definitely an abundance of amazing adventures […]

The Smile Sign (Inspired by the Philippines)

(First Ever Smile Sign Photo – Hong Kong) It all started on January 17th, 2013.  I was nursing a bad hangover with four really close friends in Bangkok.  In fact one of those friends I consider a brother to me.  We all met up in the big city the day before to get ready for an […]

The Filipino Style Headbands

It all started in 2007 getting ready for my first ever backpacking trip to India, I randomly started making headbands out of t-shirts.  Generally they were just ripped off sleeves or old t shirts that I destroyed with scissors.   Why did I start doing this?  I don’t really know?… Maybe I thought they were cool? […]