#BecomingFilipino Region Lists

I am not Filipino. If you are Filipino I need your HELP! I need your help in creating cultural lists. Lists full of experiences, places, history, food, drink… Filipino things! What makes you happy here in the Philippines!? Where should I go!? What should I do!? What makes you proud to be Filipino?! What makes you Smile in the Philippines!?

I will take your ideas and turn them into little lists that will help me in my #BecomingFilipino journey.

The Philippines is incredibly diverse in culture and thus I will be doing my journeys “Region by Region”… Super Apir!

How Does It Work?

  • Get Ideas

    Think of things, experiences, ANYTHING that makes you Filipino.

  • Send Me a Message!

    Send me a message through my Contact Page, Facebook, or Twitter! Connect it with #BecomingFilipino

  • I Make a Region List

    I collect all the different ideas, and sit down with a few close Filipino friends to finalize a #BecomingFilipino region list!

  • The Journey Begins!

    Once my list is complete I travel to the region and experience everything that I can!

The Rules

You might be thinking!?


the Philippines is a diverse country with lots of different islands and specific places where the culture changes! True… Which is why this #BecomingFilipino journey will have a few Rules!

  • All Regions Get Covered

    I will make sure that I work through every region of the Philippines

  • Transportation Rule

    I will try and take as many types of transportation as I can, and drive at least 1 unique to each region

  • I’ll Experience Local Food

    I will Learn to Cook one delicacy of each Region and have it approved for taste by random Filipino’s.

  • Start/Finish

    I will always start in Cagayan de oro with “my uyab” scooter Cindy taking it with me everywhere I go!

Where Have I Been?

I’m slowly making my way through as many regions as I can! Take a look at where I have already been to see my lists and experiences.