Splash pa More!

Ten Reasons You Will Feel Young Again In The Philippines

1 – Baths Will Actually Be Fun Again

You get to throw buckets of water on yourself… Literally! The tabo (a small pale with handle) is a big part of Filipino culture and acts as a cleansing device here in the Philippines. I remember how I used to love splashing around in the bath when I was younger. Well here in the Philippines bath time is splash time! Dumping buckets of water all over yourself is totally fine and awesome!

Splash pa More!

Splash pa More!

2 – Eating With Your Hands Is Cool

I loved using my hands when I was a kid. There is just something so fun, easy and practical about using your hands to eat! Was it messy sometimes? Sure! But, it was also a part of my childhood happiness. Luckily here in the Philippines “Kamay-Kamay” or “Kinamot” is a part of life! Eating with your hands is actually a skill! The best part? You won’t get made fun of for doing so!

Kinamot, Kamay-Kamay... Happiness!

Kinamot, Kamay-Kamay… Happiness!

3 – You Can Climb On the Roof and No One Will Get Mad

Who didn’t like climbing on rooves when they were a kid? It is exciting, super fun and always a challenge! Well luckily in the Philippines “Top-loading” is a part of life! You can sit on roofs all you want, and no one is going to yell at you for it. In fact, you might just find more friends joining you!

Climbing on Rooves = Fun!

Climbing on Rooves = Fun!

4 – Taking Naps Is a Part Of Life

Yes, here in the Philippines doesn’t matter how old you are, naps are completely normal to take. Personally my favourite nap time is after I am “sakit ng baboy” (full after eating). Rolling out a banig, laying down, and taking a break from life is totally respected and completely awesome! Nap time was always the best time… here in the Philippines it still is. Awesome!

Relax Lang... It is Nap Time!

Relax Lang… It is Nap Time!

5 – Sleeping In “Forts” Is Common

I used to love building forts and having sleepover parties in them. There is just something so happy about sleeping inside of one! Well in the Philippines waking up in a bug net which is more commonly known as a “muskitero” (bisaya) or “kulambo” (tagalog) is a very usual thing. These are commonly used in different areas of the Philippines and I absolutely love them! Nothing better then sleeping in your own fort, protecting you from anything bad that may try to attack you during the night! Go Philippines Go! The Best!

My personal sleeping fort!

My personal sleeping fort!

6 – Mixing Foods Is Encouraged

Growing up it was always fun to mix all my foods on my plate into a giant cluster! Maybe it tasted better? I don’t know, but I definitely remember enjoying it. Luckily here in the Philippines it is all about the “Halo-Halo” (mix-mix). Mixing foods is a part of life! Mixing your rice and ulam, mixing in strange combos like bagoong and mangos… heck there is even a dessert called “mix-mix”. This is a country that will bring back all your favourite mixing memories! Love it!

Teaching my Kuya about "mix-mix"

Teaching my Kuya about “mix-mix”

7 – You Can Sing Out Loud Without Getting Scolded

At the grocery store shopping? Sing. Stuck on a long bus ride? Sing. Walking down the street having a good day? Sing. Got a problem to deal with? Sing. Yes, the Philippines is a country that not only appreciates, but openly encourages singing… even in public! I can’t count the amount of times I have just openly heard someone sing in public. I think it is so cool that you can be openly vocal here and not have people look at you like you are crazy. I can imagine the amount of weird looks and scolding I would get in Canada. Meanwhile in the Philippines… Sing pa More! No worries or cares about it!

Car in Wash... Sing! :)

Car in Wash… Sing! :)

8 – There Are So Many Ways You Can Dress Up

Who didn’t love dressing up when younger? It was always fun to learn about the world around you through costume and clothes. Well here in the Philippines there are so many forms of traditional and cultural dress you can experience! From the “Bahag” in Ifugao to the traditional Barong Tagalog. The possibilities for dress up are endless! But of course, always be respectful in doing so… for there is meaning to what you are wearing.

Barong Tagalog

Barong Tagalog

Traditional Bahag in Ifugao

Traditional Bahag in Ifugao

9 – Being Afraid of Ghosts Is Respected

Finally, a country where you can be afraid of ghosts and it is respected! Growing up I always had worries about different monsters or creatures, but usually I would just get made fun of for this. Well here in the Philippines there are a lot of superstitions and a lot of beliefs about monsters or creatures. Hearing people say “Tabi-Tabi po” or “Tabi-apo” is common out of respect to whatever spirits may be around. Wandering spirits like “The White Lady” or creatures like “The Aswang” are commonly spoke about… and respected. Some people may not believe in these things, but here in the Philippines they are always respected. Learning about this side of the Philippines makes me feel that “younger spook” again.

Terrified yet trying to smile in ancestral home... (scared of White Lady)

Terrified yet trying to smile in ancestral home… (scared of White Lady)

10 – Jumping, Being Wacky, and Smiling are a Part of Life

Who didn’t love jumping around, being wacky and smiling while growing up? It is such a beautiful part of life and something that people seem to forget about as they grow older. Well fear not! Because if you come to the Philippines and ask to take a photo with locals, chances are you will experience something… JUMP SHOT! WACKY SHOT! SMILE! Yup, those are commonly a part of pictures and a part of life here in the Philippines. SMILE PA MORE!

Jump Shot!  Wacky!  Happiness!

Jump Shot! Wacky! Happiness!

Yup, this is just a simple list of things I have noticed during my stay in the Philippines. Are these all a part of life for everyone? No of course not. But, they are a few things that I have experienced and that “make me feel young again”. I think it is a beautiful thing really. As they say… Felling young at heart may help you live a longer more fulfilled life. These are just a few simple examples of things that help me do so in the Philippines… and I love it!

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